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Be in trend! A combination of bracelets and watches

Watches are a practical and stylish accessory that can emphasize your image. Until recently, we wore watches on one hand and bracelets on the other. But today the trend has changed dramatically - now you can wear both accessories on one hand, and the more of them, the better! But before you put on all your accessories, think about the combination of bracelets and watch. As a premier online destination for jewelry enthusiasts, yantar.ua offers a captivating range of wristwatches and stunning bracelets that will elevate your style game to new heights.

The rules that white and yellow metal jewelry are not combined are no longer relevant this season. Now your shoes and bag, as well as your watch and bracelets, can be the most different colors.

Whatever watch you have, you can safely wear it with several beaded bracelets of various shapes - from round to geometric shapes. Shambhala bracelets will also perfectly match the watch and add romance to the image. They can be multi-colored, or they can be plain. There are absolutely no restrictions on the choice of color!

If you have a thin wrist, then narrowed or thin accessories will suit you. It is better for owners of broad bones to choose wide, convex jewelry. And although we said that you can combine anything and in any way, in order to create a harmonious image, and not to emphasize bad taste, stylists recommend following three elementary rules:

The watch and bracelets must be of the same style. For example, it is better not to combine casual or boho with punk or vintage elements.

Accessories should echo each other in shades. They do not necessarily have to be the same color, but their details can match in color.

The material of the watch and jewelry should be similar. Metal watches go with metal bracelets, with a leather strap - a leather thread decoration. Natural stones are combined with classic watches.

Amber bracelets

As for the material of accessories, it can be very diverse. But if you want to be on trend, don't spare money on amber bracelets! Thanks to the wide palette of shades of amber, each bracelet is a unique piece of jewelry that will only be in your box. But if suddenly the color of your bracelet does not match any accessory, don't worry. Just cover your nails with a shade that matches your jewelry and you'll stay on trend!

If you don't know which bracelet to buy, look at your watch. Do you have a small ladies watch? So, thin bracelets made of small beads, including Shambhala, will suit him. Are you a lover of large watches? Then the decoration of a geometric shape with large details will be just right! If you want something bright and unusual, then wear a bright yellow braided bracelet with lots of natural amber beads and ropes. So you will bring lightness, colors and warmth to the atmosphere around you.

And the last point. How to know if you have not "overdone" the jewelry? Take off one accessory at a time and when your hand seems boring, put on the last bracelet you took off.