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A money tree made of amber is an original gift and a powerful talisman

Since ancient times, people have surrounded themselves with various talismans, amulets, and fetishes. Some of them gave luck in love, others provided material prosperity, and some strengthened health and protected against diseases. And the most powerful charms - for example, an amber tree - allowed us to achieve all this at the same time! It is these products, their properties, and features that will be discussed in our article. At ukrburshtyn.com, we bring you a curated collection of exquisite amber products, including the enchanting amber tree. Our skilled artisans craft each accessory with natural wood and colorful pieces of petrified resin, ensuring that every piece exudes elegance and durability. 

The History of Amulets - how money trees appeared

The first attempts to study the connection between the small things surrounding an individual and the events that occur in human life were made by feng shui masters. According to the postulates of this esoteric teaching, each object has a certain potential. When its power resonates with the energy lines of the Earth, the space around you becomes harmonious, balanced, and ordered. Positive energy emanating from correctly placed things allows you to feel better, act more efficiently and achieve your goals faster.

In addition, in feng shui, there are special accessories that not only have a beneficial effect on a person's well-being, but also activate one or another aspect of his life. A money tree made of amber is just such a talisman. This product allows you to attract financial flows to the house, improve your financial situation, increase your wealth and invest it profitably. The effect of such a product will be especially strong if you place it in the southeast sector of the apartment - the zone of wealth.

The first mentions of the amazing amulet are found in historical treatises of the Han dynasty (200 BC). According to legend, the first such work was created by an artist who lived in a small village. Wanting to cheer up and make his neighbors happy, he decorated a young tree with coins earned from his work. Since then, in memory of the master's generosity, this plant has been regarded as sacred.

Later, money trees began to be decorated not only with coins, but also with precious stones, silk or velvet ribbons, beads, and pieces of glass. This is how the first amber souvenir appeared.

Accessories made of solar gems - meaning, types, properties

As you know, amber originated from the resin of coniferous trees that lived 35-40 million years ago. The sap of the huge pines froze, absorbing the sun's rays - and the golden precious stones still retain the power of the light. Gems warm to the touch cleanse the surrounding space of negative energy, kill disease-causing bacteria and toxins, and saturate the air with healing ions of succinic acid.

That is why the ancient sages considered amber to be magical. So, in China, only the most noble persons, close to the emperor, had the right to wear jewelry made of brilliant gems. Many European kings used amber cutlery - they neutralized poison.

However, now anyone can buy an amber tree. Masters create unique and unusual creations using natural wood and colorful pieces of petrified resin. A wide assortment allows you to find a product of any shape and size - from miniature trees that can be placed on a desktop or shelf to massive sculptures, enlivening and transforming the home interior. Carefully selected shades of precious stones make such accessories almost alive - the tone of the crown changes depending on the lighting, sparkles and shimmers with thousands of sun reflections. Therefore, even in cloudy weather, the accessory will be surrounded by a golden glow, captivating and delighting you, your guests and your household members.

A money tree made of amber is an excellent gift for a business partner, friend or loved one. It will become a visual embodiment of your wishes, will bring happiness, abundance, and well-being to your home. The energy of the precious stone will protect against troubles, diseases and ill-wishers, help to achieve the set goals, open new professional and personal horizons, and improve physical and psychological health. Such a souvenir will appeal to both those who admire the philosophy of feng shui and those who like original and beautiful things.

And you can always choose and buy an amber tree in our "Yantar Polissya" store. All products are created from natural materials, thanks to which they look great and are very durable. Our masters have worked out all the elements and details of the product, so you can be sure of the quality of the accessories. So let the tree of solar gems give you wealth, luck and material prosperity!


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