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Everest Trek -Day 9 Machermo

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The clouds had lifted last night resulting in a cold hard frost. It was now minus eleven degrees Celsius in the tent and depite having a good four seasons down filled sleeping bag I had difficulty staying warm during the night.

On getting up I discovered that some of the others were also awake and having a cup of tea. We assembled to stand in those areas where the sun was filtering through the mountain peaks to light the cold shadows of the camp site. Even though the temperatures were still below zero its surprising how the rays of the sun can warm you up

Machermo and valleyMaking the most of the sun we breakfasted in the open sitting around the table, which the crew had taken out of the mess tent. I suppose it would have been colder still in there as it woud have been shaded.. Most of us were well wrapped up and at least we were able to take in the scenery around us. The site is just off the trail, and a large glacier can be seen further up the side valley leading up to some towering peaks forming a wonderful backdrop to our meal.

Today was an acclimatisation day so there was no packing of gear to be done and I managed to get some dhobi sorted before setting off for the day. We started by ascending the hill leading up behind the campsite. The trail took us to a viewpoint, a large pile of stones with rows of prayer flags. The fluttering blue, yellow, green, red and white flags, strategically placed by the Buddhist people so that they will catch the wind and send prayers to the heavens, acted as a visual frame to the mountains at the far side of the valley. Looking the other way I could see the route we were going to be taking tomorrow to get to Gokyo. Further ahead on the skyline was Cho Oyu; it's snow capped peak standing proud in the clear blue sky.

Turning left, leaving the path to Gokyo we followed the ridge of the slope to take us to a spot high above the camp and yet more fantastic views down to the valley where our tents were and the mountains across the other side to where we were now standing. Following the ridge a bit further we then turned sharply right and ascended a steep slope to reach a point that meant we were now at the same height we would be tomorrow at Gokyo.

The views from here were quite spectacular. I sat on the rocks with a few of the others taking in the scenery. Sitting lowerView from above Machermo down the slope behind a ridge meant that we were sheltered a bit from the cold wind that was now blowing quite strongly . I dug out some of my snacks from the rucksack to regain some energy, as it had been quite a haul up this last stretch. From this vantage point I could see good views of Tawoche and Cholatse (looking remarkably similar in shape to Dhaulaghiri over in the Annapurna) whilst behind, framed by these two closer peaks was the tip of Everest.

By the time we had descended back to camp the clouds had rolled in again, in the wind it was decidedly cool. It wasn't till later in the evening that the clouds parted. This seems to be the regular pattern of things, though at least it hasn't snowed today, which is a blessing.

The meal tonight consisted of leek and potato soup served with a sort of doughnut bread. It wasn't something I had had before, and not the Tibetan bread you often find on trek. The soup was followed by dishes of potato pasty, a sort of lasagne made from cheese and vegetable, sweet and sour vegetables, then finished off with treacle sponge and custard. Good fuel for the trek up the valley tomorrow.

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